We offer container modules with a steel frame insulated with high quality sandwich PUR panels. We have different models and we also try to produce customized products from simple containers to large functional units. We have a variety of components from windows, doors, sanitary fittings to interior accessories. Visit our “Containers” section to find out more. In addition, you can use our intuitive configurator to design your project yourself.

Yes, we recommend using our intuitive configurator, with which you can do it quickly and immediately get an indicative price.

More and more people are also using containers for permanent housing, but with additional insulation to save heating and cooling costs.

It depends on the complexity of the project. Container modules with sanitation are more demanding than empty modules, which we often have in stock. As standard, we are able to produce a container within 2 weeks of order and deposit payment.

Containers with 50mm PUR panels heat up very quickly and hold heat well. Therefore, a smaller heater in one module is sufficient.

We can arrange transport or the customer can arrange it themselves. It is carried out on smaller cars with hydraolick arm or larger flatbeds that can take 2 containers at a time. We recommend the use of cars with a hydraolick arm due to their unloading on site. The installation in case the containers are not connected is simple and only by mounting on concrete footings and the like. If the customer orders container modules that are combined into larger units, we can arrange the complete installation or provide instructions to the customer. All necessary parts for joining are included.

Our containers are well insulated and have a rainwater drainage solution. The load-bearing frame is made of steel and designed for difficult conditions (snow load, rain, strong wind). In high temperatures, we recommend installing air conditioning.

The standard and most popular size is 6m x 2.4m. However, we also offer 3m x 2.4m and toilet cubicles. We can also produce atypical sizes according to customer requirements, taking into account especially the width, which must not exceed 2.4m for transport. Atypical solutions are usually more expensive because of the waste that is generated during production, especially when cutting the panels.

Yes, the modularity of the containers is their biggest advantage. Our containers are easy to connect. We recommend stacking a max of two on top of each other. However, in the case of stacking, the customer must always notify us in advance, and we usually make the steel frame even a class stronger. We recommend using our online configurator.

Container modules 6m x 2.4m range from EUR 4,700 excluding VAT and prices vary depending on model and equipment. We recommend using our integrated online configurator, which will generate an indicative price for you, even for a complicated project that you can easily configure yourself. We can help you with financing – visit our Services / Financing & Insurance page. We do not offer a container rental service.

This depends on the number of container modules. As for a single module, a car with a hand can unload it on a pre-prepared terrain within 20 minutes. When it comes to connecting modules, it depends on the quantity and complexity. The standard is 1 max 2 days. The price for such assembly is always extra, as is the transport with unloading.

Yes, we value every customer and their satisfaction is our priority, which keeps old customers coming back. We are a Slovak manufacturer and therefore our customers do not have to worry that in case of a problem they will not call us again.